US employers incur a staggering cost of $575 billion and suffer a loss of 1.5 billion workdays due to poor health of their staff.

Additionally, it is projected that around 37.4 million workers will leave their jobs in 2022.

The collective impact of absenteeism and high employee turnover results in significant financial losses for companies like yours, both in terms of sick leave expenses and the expense of recruiting and training new staff.

What if there was a solution to reverse this trend?

The good news is there is a program that can add significant healthcare benefits to your employees, helping them stay healthy and want to stay with your company.

Moreover, there is an unforeseen huge bonus for employers too! (More on that later).

This program is perfect for companies with 500+ employees with the majority earning $160k or less per year.



This program is not necessarily intended to replace any company's existing insurance program, rather it can augment and work alongside any existing insurance plan.

However, it can also work very well as a stand alone health insurance program.


What is it?

A Preventative Health Management Program that benefits employers and employees alike

An ERISA compliant Fixed Indemnity Health Plan combined with a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan underpinned by a proprietary digital platform that simultaneously and seamlessly reimburses medical expenses under the Section 213(d) tax code... all with no net reduction in take-home pay to the employee, and no out-of-pocket cost to the employer!

This program is best for companies with:

500+ employees

Majority of employees earning $160k or less per year

Low employee benefit participation

Benefits to Your Employees

There's many...


  • No Reduction in Net Take-Home Pay to Employee
  • Most employees experience an annual INCREASE of approximately $800 - $1,100 in paycheck
  • 24/7 Telemedicine for Employee and Family with $0 Co-Pay
  • Multi-Platform Health & Wellness Coaching
  • 30+ of the most prescribed medications in the US available at $0 Co-Pay
  • Daily In-hospital benefit & ER Benefit
  • Genetic Testing
  • Initial Health Screening
  • Employee Assistance Program Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Many more…

Benefits to You, as Employer

There's many - you WILL save


  • No out-of-pocket expense to company
  • Healthier, happier employees leads to increased productivity… that then generates increased profitability
  • Significant increase in employee retention & wellness
  • Improvements to employee health and lifestyle leads to a reduction in employee filed claims, reducing overall insurance costs.

Now here's the bonus we promised... How does $550 per employee/per year reduction in FICA tax sound?


See how much you can save on your FICA bill

Simply input the number of employees you have and let our tool crunch the numbers for you. With just a few clicks, you'll see how much money can be saved each year.

Don't wait any longer to take advantage of this opportunity - check your numbers in our handy calculator and then schedule a call to improve the health benefits of your employees, help retain your employees and to save on your bottom line.

A 30 minute call could literally save your company thousands, maybe millions of dollars each year!

Be the hero of your company!


The Mechanics and Ancillary Benefits

The nuts and bolts of the program.

Seamless digital technology and hands-on education by the wellness plan administrator greatly increases and maintains 90%+ employee enrollment and ongoing participation.

Participation creates a significant reduction in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll taxes…INCREASING BOTTOM-LINE PROFITS for the company.

Greatly improved CASH FLOW for the company due to significant reduction in payroll tax burden.

Improved EMPLOYEE RETENTION leads to increased profitability.


Over to You

Do you want to save thousands AND help your employees?

This program was specifically designed for either the uninsured and/or under-insured population of employees throughout the country due to the significant benefits experienced by both employers and employees.

It is not only an extremely benefit-rich plan for the employee population but they will also...

  • never see a reduction in their take home pay and,
  • will likely see an increase in their paycheck.

Employers are especially moved to implement this plan as…

  • there are no out-of-pocket costs associated with the plan
  • they experience a FICA tax credit up to $550 per employee annually depending on how many employees are enrolled in the program

Remember: 1000 Employees x $550 = $550,000 in annual FICA tax relief to the bottom line. More employees? See even greater savings to your bottom line!


Here's What to do Next

Schedule a time to speak with us to discover more. Be the hero of your company by helping your employees get the coverage they deserve.

This 30 minute call is free and with no obligation, and could save your company thousands each year.

We can help you understand the program more, how simple it is to onboard through our auto enrollment system and how much you could potentially save off your bottom line.

It's a real win, win for everyone.