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Don’t let costly payroll taxes take away from your profit, let us show you how to keep more of what you earn AND benefit your employees.

Benefits to Your Employees

There's many...


  • No Reduction in Net Take-Home Pay to Employee
  • Most employees experience an annual INCREASE of approximately $800 - $1,100 in paycheck
  • 24/7 Telemedicine for Employee and Family with $0 Co-Pay
  • Multi-Platform Health & Wellness Coaching
  • 30+ of the most prescribed medications in the US available at $0 Co-Pay
  • Daily In-hospital benefit & ER Benefit
  • Genetic Testing
  • Initial Health Screening
  • Employee Assistance Program Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Many more…

Benefits to You, as Employer

There's many - you WILL save


  • No out-of-pocket expense to company
  • Healthier, happier employees leads to increased productivity… that then generates increased profitability
  • Significant increase in employee retention & wellness
  • Improvements to employee health and lifestyle leads to a reduction in employee filed claims, reducing overall insurance costs.

Now here's the bonus we promised... How does $550 per employee/per year reduction in FICA tax sound?


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